Julien Husson

PhD, Assistant Professor


Biophysical Journal 2016 (in press). Lionel Guillou*, Joanna B. Dahl*, Jung-Ming G. Lin*, Abdul I. Barakat, Julien Husson, Susan J. Muller, Sanjay Kumar. Measuring cell viscoelastic mechanical properties using a microfluidic extensional flow device.

Molecular Biology of the Cell 2016 (in press, journal cover). Guillou L, Babataheri A, Saitakis M, Bohineust A, Dogniaux S, Hivroz C, Barakat AI, and Husson J. T lymphocyte passive deformation is controlled by unfolding of membrane surface reservoirs.

Cell. 2016;165(1):100-110. Basu R*, Whitlock BM*, Husson J*, Le Floc’h A, Jin W, Dotiwala F, Giannone G, Hivroz C, Lieberman J, Kam LC, and Huse M. (* co-first authors). Cytotoxic T cells use mechanical force to potentiate target cell killing.

Scientific Reports. 2016;6:21529. Dynamic monitoring of cell mechanical properties using profile microindentation. Guillou L, Babataheri A, Puech P-H, Barakat AI, and Husson J.

Our research focuses on the mechanics of biological systems at the cellular, intracellular, and molecular level. We develop new techniques, mainly based on micropipettes coupled to microscopy. We also like to paint cellular processes.

Keywords: Atherosclerosis, Cancer, Cell Mechanics,  Endothelial Cells, Force Generation, Immunological Synapse,  Leukocytes, Membranes, Microindentation, Micropipettes, Microscopy, Microtubules,  Mitochondria, Rigidity Sensing, T lymphocytes, Transendothelial Migration.