Cell, 2018, accepted. Intermittent pili-mediated forces fluidize Neisseria meningitidis aggregates promoting vascular colonization. D. Bonazzi, V. Lo Schiavo, S. Machata, I. Djafer-Cherif, P. Nivoit, V. Manriquez, H. Tanimoto, J. Husson, N. Henry, H. Chaté, R. Voituriez, and G. Duménil.

Our research focuses on the mechanics of biological systems at the cellular, intracellular, and molecular level. We develop new techniques, mainly based on micropipettes coupled to microscopy. We also like to paint cellular processes.

Keywords: Atherosclerosis, Cancer, Cell Mechanics,  Endothelial Cells, Force Generation, Immunological Synapse,  Leukocytes, Membranes, Microindentation, Micropipettes, Microscopy, Microtubules,  Mitochondria, Rigidity Sensing, T lymphocytes, Transendothelial Migration.